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Founder, entrepreneur, and innovation enthusiast from Vienna, Austria.
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about me

who i am

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Dotbite, a coding agency based in Vienna, Austria, specializing in building user-friendly and scalable high-quality products. With Dotbite, we run a highly profitable and healthy tech business with a fantastic team. Besides that, I co-founded two other companies - one in the HealthTech area and one in the lifestyle sector.I started my first company at 22 years. Throughout this journey, I recognized how well I could turn ideas into high-performing products, hire a great team and foster leadership, create business opportunities and strategically scale all that to a healthy business.Besides running my businesses, I love to mentor other founders and entrepreneurs in building a highly profitable company, to show what it takes to hire a well-functioning team, how to achieve product-market fit, and what it takes to run a sustainable & healthy business.My approach is people first - because I love what I do, and I want to do it with people I enjoy working with.

my work

what i founded

I started three businesses: Dotbite, Boritea and tripl-e.
Dotbite is a coding agency founded in 2019, specializing in building user-friendly and scalable high-quality products - made for humans. At Dotbite, we do both - we develop our own digital products but also offer our know-how to external clients.
Boritea is a SaaS solution providing an AI-supported Web App that helps digitalize medical self-testing in every manner possible and opens up a new way of fighting diseases.
With tripl-e, we help sneakerheads keep their beloved sneakers clean and reusable. In addition, as we focus on sustainability, we sell used sneakers with high conditions at a much lower price.

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I help companies grow their business by providing know-how in building digital products, sustainable business models, and outstanding teams with unique talents. But I also love meeting new people and discussing life and dreams. So don't hesitate, let's grab a coffee.